FP-Opacity Pigments™ can be used to replace TiO2 in almost every formulation of this type. Regardless of the type or source of TiO2, 10-20% replacement ratios are typically achieved without any impact on product quality.

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68% PVC, 15 wt% TiO2. High Quality Matt Paint

In this high quality, discrimanating formulation, FP-460 Opacity Pigment™ Opacity Pigment provides a TiO2 replacement potential of 10-15% depending upon the final wet hide requirement.

78% PVC, 7% wt% TiO2. European DIY Matt paint.

This formulation uses a ‘heavily coated’ speciality TiO2 for Matt Paint. In this system 15% TiO2 replacement can be achieved with all other paint properties remaining within specification.

80% PVC, 5% wt% TiO2. Asian Matt Paint

In a typical Matt paint formulation from Asia, a 10% replacement of TiO2 with FP-460 is possible whilst maintaing wet and dry opacity as well as other paint properties. If wet hide is less critical, significantly higher replacement ratios are possible.

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