FP-Pigments produces a range of products for all types of Architectural coatings which can be used for the partial replacement of TiO2. The level of replacement will depend upon the formulation type, typically 5–20% is possible.

Water-Based Architectural Coatings

Above CPVC Architectural Coatings

10–15% TiO2 replacement is possible with a simple 1:1 wt/wt replacement.

Below CPVC Architectural Coatings

5–12% TiO2 replacement is possible with our established reformulation protocols.

Low Titanium Dioxide Paints

Paints formulated for lower cost often have less than 3% TiO2 by weight, potentially allowing higher than 20% replacement ratios.

Solvent-Based Architectural Coatings

FP-Pigments produce a surface treated grade of FP-Opacity Pigment™ with improved pigment wetting properties for use in solvent-based coatings. In many solvent-based paints the TiO2 pigment can already be well dispersed, distributed and stabilised with little or no crowding and therefore the potential replacement levels achievable can be smaller than in water-based coatings. We recommend a reformulation ladder of 4%, 8% and 12% is used to help determine the optimum TiO2 replacement level.

Solvent-Based Architectural Coatings Reformulation Guidance (pdf)

Cost efficiency

FP-Opacity Pigments™ provide cost-saving opportunities across all TiO2 market conditions, thereby providing users with cost advantages regardless of TiO2 market pricing levels.

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How to use/test FP-Opacity Pigments™

The amount of TiO2 you can replace depends on the formulation. Our simple ‘ladder’ approach testing around our suggested replacement ratio, will always deliver the best results in the shortest time.

How to use FP

PoS Tinting System – Colour matching with Opacity Pigment in Point of Sale tint bases

FP-Pigments can now offer substantial savings in Point of Sale tint bases through up to 20 % reduction in TiO2 without compromise to colour matching properties. Visibly matching colours with a DE <0.5 (typically <0.3) even in hard to match colours.

P.O.S. reformulation guidance pdf

Exterior Weatherability

For replacement levels up to 20%, FP-Opacity Pigments™ have been shown to have no significant detremetal effects on Gloss, Chalking and Colour retention in naturally weathered coatings (Florida).

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