For below cpvc architectural formulations some additional reformulation may be necessary. FP-Pigment has developed guidance to help achieve optimum results for TiO2 replacement. Typically an 8% to 20% reduction in TiO2 can be achieved depending upon the intial formulation.

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Masonry Paints

Masonry Paints are typically formulated just below CPVC. The attached report shows how FP-460 Opacity Pigment™ can be used to replace between 15 and 25% of the TiO2 whilst maintaining important film integrity, physical and applications properties.

North American Matte Paint

Matte Paints in North America are typically formualted below CPVC, the gloss being controlled by large particle size extenders or matting agents in a well bound system. As a result FP-460 Opacity Pigment™ behaves in these systems similarly to the below CPVC silk and semi gloss systems. It is possible to achieve an 8-12% replacement of TiO2 using a similar reformulation protocol that we used for silks and semi gloss paint.

FP-460 below CPVC Reformulation Guidance (.pdf)


Following our easy to use protocol, it is possible to replace up to 12% of the TiO2 in medium low gloss formulations. Significant cost savings are therefore available after formulation optimisation.

Titanium Dioxide reduction in silk/semi gloss paints (.pdf)

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