FP-510 Opacity Pigment™ is ideally suited to all forms of flexible PVC applications, where TiO2 replacement ratios of 10-15% are frequently found.

Faux Leather

At typical replacement levels of 15%, FP-510 Opacity Pigment™ provides significant cost savings whilst maintaining colour quality and feel.

Wire & Cable Jacketing

Where TiO2 is used in PVC Cable Jacketing, 10-15% TiO2 replacement is possible in ‘visible’ cable products. For ‘buried’ cable far higher replacement ratios might be possible.

PVC Labels and Signage

FP-510 Opacity Pigment™ can be used as simple 1:1 wt/wt replacement for up to 15% of the TiO2 present, without detracting from the final film properties.

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