The amount of TiO2 you can replace depends on the formulation. Our simple ‘ladder’ approach testing around our suggested replacement ratio, will always deliver the best results in the shortest time.

Guidance on typical Replacement ratios

In any coatings or plastics system, we recommend making at least three different levels of TiO2 replacement with the appropriate FP-Opacity Pigments™ product. This ‘ladder’ should be set either side of the typical expected replacement ratios as can be seen in the tables.

Above cPVC Coatings

In order to achieve a match in opacity, manufacture a series of paints either side of the target TiO2 replacement ratio with a simple 1:1 wt/wt replacement. Then extrapolate to the ideal performance vs cost conclusion.

How to use FP-Opacity Pigments - rooler
How to use FP-Opacity Pigments - paint can

Below cPVC Coatings

Due to it’s particle size, when replacing TiO2 at equivalent opacity, FP-Opacity Pigments™ will adversely effect the gloss level of your coating. Where approapriate extenders are present, a simple adjustment of the largest particle size extender and correction for PVC can be used to correct this.

P.O.S. Tinting System – Colour matching with Opacity Pigment in Point of Sale tint bases

FP-Pigments can now offer substantial savings in Point of Sale tint bases through up to 20 % reduction in TiO₂ without compromise to colour matching properties. Visibly matching colours with a ΔE < 0.5 (typically < 0.3) even in hard to match colours.

How to use FP-Opacity Pigments - fandeck