FP-Opacity Pigments™ can be used in many low to mid gloss industrial coatings; this covers a very wide range of potential compositions and applications. This includes many coil coatings systems, topcoats, primers and basecoats, both water based and solvent based. A few examples of which are discussed below. We recommend making at least three different levels of TiO2 replacement with the appropriate FP-Opacity Pigments™ product. This ‘ladder’ should be set either side of the typical expected replacement ratios seen in the table.

How FP Works

Coil Coatings

FP-Opacity Pigments™ can provide coil coatings producers with sigificant cost savings whilst maintaining important film integrtity, physical and applications properties.

Titanium Dioxide Optimisation in Coil Coatings.pdf

Industrial Wood

For lower gloss Industrial Wood systems FP-Opacity Pigments™ a simple 1:1 wt/wt replacement of TiO2 is possible, thus reducing costs without compromising other coating properties.

Titanium Dioxide reduction in water based Industrial Wood Coatings.pdf

Direct to Metal Industrial Coatings

In a DTM short oil alkyd, FP-470 has been shown to allow between 8-10% reduction in TiO2 whilst maintaining equivalent physical properties and similar visual apperarance.

Titanium Dioxide reduction DTM Coatings.pdf

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