FP-Opacity Pigments™ can be used in many low to mid gloss industrial coatings; this covers a very wide range of potential compositions and applications. This includes many coil coatings systems, topcoats, primers and basecoats, both water based and solvent based. A few examples of which are discussed below. We recommend making at least three different levels of TiO2 replacement with the appropriate FP-Opacity Pigments™ product. This ‘ladder’ should be set either side of the typical expected replacement ratios seen in the table.

Coil Coatings

FP-Opacity Pigments™ can provide coil coatings producers with sigificant cost savings whilst maintaining important film integrtity, physical and applications properties.

Industrial Wood

For lower gloss Industrial Wood systems FP-Opacity Pigments™ a simple 1:1 wt/wt replacement of TiO2 is possible, thus reducing costs without compromising other coating properties.

Direct to Metal Industrial Coatings

In a DTM short oil alkyd, FP-470 has been shown to allow between 8-10% reduction in TiO2 whilst maintaining equivalent physical properties and similar visual apperarance.

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