FP-Pigments is constantly developing new products that leverage its unique innovative patented technology to provide the most cost-effective route to TiO2 optimization and performance enhancement. Our expertise in calcium carbonate precipitation and application solutions have facilitated a variety of new product ideas influencing a wide range of end use markets.

FP-Pigments’ patented technology produces a highly robust particle of very uniform particle size. The improved process enables us to incorporate a greater volume of air within the particle which significantly improves the effectiveness of the incorporated TiO2

Measurements indicate that as much as 70% additional air has been incorporated into the Opacity Pigment™ particle, the air and carbonate replacing volumes of TiO2.

The presence of the air in the particle matrix significantly improves the efficiency of the TiO2 pigment allowing us to reduce the TiO2 within the particle while maintaining overall product performance. We can determine the approximate improvement in TiO2 efficiency by measuring the scattering coefficients in model paints. When this is done, we find the scatter per  unit volume of TiO2 employed within each FP-Opacity Pigment™ particle increases by over 60%

Overall these changes provide a significant improvement in cost effective performance across a number of end-use applications.

FP-440 Opacity Pigment™ For Low TiO2, High PVC water-based coatings

FP-440 Opacity Pigment™ has been specifically designed for use in high PVC economical paints, primers, undercoats and distemper where TiO2 levels are below 5%. The improved particle composition, balancing TiO2 content with air, enables a significant TiO2 reduction in these coatings, with replacement levels between 25% and 100% being achieved (depending on formulation). In addition to maintaining the dry opacity properties, the use of FP-440 Opacity Pigment™ has also been shown to provide a noticeable improvement in film brightness.

Typical Replacement Ratios in Distemper Paints

Commercial Performance Examples

FP-440 Opacity Pigment™ For Powder Coatings

Building on the success of FP-480 in Powder Coatings, we have developed an updated version based on our new process technology. FP-440 Opacity Pigment™ provides a similar performance to FP-480 across the range of Powder Coating systems but at a much lower cost point, providing a partial replacement for TiO2 while maintaining optical and mechanical properties.

FP-590 for TMP-Free Masterbatch

FP-Pigments continue to make significant inroads in the Masterbatch market with FP-550 Opacity Pigment™ where it can often provide a 10 to 20% reduction in TiO2 use.

For those masterbatch producers who prefer using a TMP-free pigment, FP-Pigments provide an alternative to FP-550 in the form of a TMP-Free FP-590 Opacity Pigment. FP-590 is an organically treated composite pigment which provides the same TiO2 reduction potential and performance shown by FP-550 but without a TMP coating.