Significant Raw Material Cost Savings

FP-Pigments has developed a wide range of specialty pigments for Paper and Board applications. The use of our pigments in wet end and/or in paper coating lead to lower cost and improved quality.

Our products are used in high quality label papers, premium white coated board, thin printing papers, high speed inkjet papers, and specialties like tipping papers.

These pigments offer the following performance benefits

Wet end

  • Excellent optical properties
  • Improved pigment retention
  • Improved paper formation
  • Reduced need for OBA


  • Efficient hiding, increased brightness
  • Low abrasiveness
  • Excellent storage stability
  • High solids slurries available


  • Controlled ink absorption
  • Increased printing speed
  • Improved image sharpness and optical density

  • Excellent opacity

Our solutions are used widely in various applications

For tipping paper

  • FP-170

For thin printing paper

  • FP-260

  • FP-290

For enhanced print quality

  • FP-300
  • FP-300 CS
  • FP-300 IQ
  • FP-300 IQ Coat

Slurries for label paper & board applications

  • FP-860 XB

  • FP-260 XA

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