Making any formulation changes to an existing Point of Sale tint bases can be a daunting prospect; Adjusting the TiO2 content of these paints may seem a step too far. Working with Chromaflo and KRAHN Chemie, FP-Pigments have developed a reformulation protocol that allows for the reduction of TiO2 in pastel and mid-tone tint bases without the need to adjust your existing colour library or tinting software. The information below outlines the reformulation protocol and also offers suggestions on easy steps to take to make the most out of FP-Opacity Pigments™ in your tint bases.

Colour-Matching Protocol for High PVC paints (>65% PVC)

Point of Sale Tint Bases - Fandeck

For the most accurate method (Delta E <0.3) of determining the correct replacement of TiO2with FP-460 Opacity Pigment™ in P.O.S. tint bases, while matching the tint strength of the existing base, we would recommend following the P.O.S. reformulation protocol that was developed with Chromaflo and KRAHN Chemie. Details of this method can be found in the links below.

Quick “Look and See”

In many high PVC matt tint bases we have seen that a simple exchange of 13% of the TiO2 with 15% FP-460 (both amounts based on the original TiO2 content) and an adjustment of the extenders to maintain the original PVC, can provide a close colour match to the original base (ΔL<0.3 and ΔE <0.5). This less resource-intensive method may suit customers with smaller colour ranges.

Point of Sale Tint Bases - Pastil paints

A Simple Way to Reduce Costs

Point of Sale Tint Bases - Fandeck 2

In many cases it is possible to simply replace 6% of the TiO2 with FP-460 in high PVC paints and maintain both contrast ratio and tinting strength (ΔL*). This can be a quick way to realise cost savings across your range of pastel and mid-tone tint bases.

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