FP-Pigments has been working with Kevin Biller and the Powder Coatings Research Group (now ChemQuest Powder Coating Research) for over 10 years, establishing the pedigree of FP-Opacity Pigments™ in a range of powder coating systems. FP-480 Opacity Pigment™ is well established as a partial replacement for TiO2 across the range of Powder Coatings, reducing TiO2 levels by between 10 and 20%.

Following new process improvements, FP-Pigments has extended its powder coatings range to include a new, cost beneficial product, FP-440, for use in Polyester:TGIC and Polyester:Primid powder coatings.


Working with the PCRG we have shown that FP-480 Opacity Pigment™ can easily replace up to 15% of the TiO2 and on occasion as high as 20%.

Polyester/Epoxy Hybrid

Due to the natural yellow colour of expoy resins, the replacement ratio achieved with FP-480 Opacity Pigment™ will typically be ~10% although higher levels have been achieved.


Replacement ratios achievable with FP-480 Opacity Pigment™ in Polyester/Primid systems are generally limited to 10-20%.

Introducing FP-440 Opacity Pigment™

With the ever-present drive to produce more cost effective coatings,  FP-Pigments has developed its composite pigment technology to further tighten the particle size distribution and to maximise the TiO2/Air interface boosting the scatter per unit TiO2 . These new improvements will enable Powder Coating formulators to maintain their product performance with a 10 to 20% reduction in TiO2 coupled with greater formulation cost savings.

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