FP-Opacity Pigments™ has been working with the Powder Coatings Research group for over 10 years, establishing the pedigree of FP-480 in a range of Powder Coating systems. FP-480 Opacity Pigment™ is ideally suited to interior and general purpose exterior applications.

How FP Works
How to Use FP

Polyester/TGIC Powder Coatings

Working with the Powder Coatings Research Group we have shown that FP-480 Opacity Pigment™ can easily replace up to 15% of the TiO2 and on occasion as high as 20%.

Polyester/Epoxy Hybrid Powder Coatings

Due to the natural yellow colour of expoy resins, the replacement ratio achieved with FP-480 Opacity Pigment™ will typically be ~10% although higher levels have been achieved.

Polyester/Primid Powder Coatings

Replacement ratios achievable with FP-480 Opacity Pigment™ in Polyester/Primid Powder coating systems are generally limited to 10-20%.

Products for Powder Coatings: FP-480

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