FP-Opacity Pigments™ are ideal partial substitutes for TiO2 in rigid PVC applications. Replacement ratios of 10-15% are common.

How FP Works
Rigid PVC Reformulation Guidance pdf

PVC Pipe and Fittings

FP-510 Opacity Pigment™ has qualified for NSF potable water use and is listed in the PPI PVC range composition list TR2 in table 6c.

Titanium Dioxide optimization in plastic pipe formulations (.pdf)

PVC Window Profile

Tests performed in conjustion with leading PVC resin supliers confirm that up to 20% replacement of the TiO2 in the original formulation is possible.

Xenon Arc Accelerated Durability 6000 hours

FP-440 for PVC Pipes and Interior Mouldings

FP-440 Opacity Pigment™ has been shown to work well in PVC pipes and interior PVC mouldings such as curtain rails. It is quickly becoming our go-to-product for reducing TiO2 content while improving brightness.

FP-440 Opacity Pigment™ Flyer [pdf]

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