Weathering and Durability

The effect of TiO2 pigment on the weathering stability of a coating or plastic is based on two processes, photo-chemical and photo-catalytic attack. Both processes cause the breakdown of the resin/binder which in turn causes several other effects to develop. Changing the TiO2 type or amount can have a significant effect on the weathering stability and durability of a coating or plastic. FP-Pigments have made several durability evaluations, both natural and accelerated, to determine that the use of our Opacity Pigments™ has no significant effect on this important exterior property.

Natural Florida Durability of an Exterior Wood Coating

This example provides data for the exposure of an Industrial Wood coating comparing the performance of various levels of Opacity Pigment™ with the standard coating. In addition to varying the levels of Opacity Pigment™ used, different TiO2 types (non durable to superdurable) were also evaluated.

Exterior Wood Coating Weathering
Mansonry Paint Weathering

Masonry Paint QUV(A) Durability

Durability data based on 2000 hours exposure in a QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester [QUV(A)] is presented for two masonry formulations. Data on the optical performance, water absorption and water vapour permeability is also provided.

Alkyd Drum Coating Corrosion Resistance

Optical performance and data for the accelerated corrosion testing (ASTM G85 2011 Annex 2) of short-oil alkyd drum coatings is given for three levels of TiO2 substitution with FP-Opacity Pigments™.

Drum Stack
Coil Colours

France Natural Durability of a Polyurethane Coil Coating

Optical performance, accelerated corrosion resistance and data for the natural exposure (Southern Europe) of a polyurethane coil coating is given for three levels of TiO2 substitution with FP-Opacity Pigments™.

Powder Coating QUV(A) Accelerated Weathering

Gloss retention data for Polyester:TGIC powder coatings containing 20% and 30% Opacity Pigment™  is presented. The panels, provided by ChemQuest Powder Coating Research showed a small improvement over the standard panels after 2000 hours of exposure.

Powder Coating Radiator
PVC Window Frame Weathering

Rigid PVC Natural and Accelerated Weathering

Xenon Arc accelerated weathering data (up to 6000 hours) is provided for two rigid PVC applications together with natural weathering data (Southern Europe exposure)

Kesternich Test – Resistance to SO2

Incorporation of FP-Opacity Pigments™ into industrial coatings at levels up to 12% have been shown by independent testing to have no adverse effect on the coatings resistance to and SO2 environment.