Working with Industry leading producers of white masterbatch, FP-550 Opacity Pigment™ can be used to replace TiO2 at replacement ratios of 10% to 15% depending upong the dilution and film thickness of the end use product. In addition the lower tinting strength FP-550 Opacity Pigment™ can be a further advantage in coloured masterbatches where chroma and hue can be maintained at lower colored pigment levels.

How FP Works
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FP-Pigments White Polyolefin Masterbatch

TiO2 replacement in Polyolefin Masterbatch

FP-550 Opacity Pigment™ can provide producers of 50-70% TiO2 masterbatch with sigificant cost savings in all mouldings and for film applications down to 50 microns.

Suitable for Food contact

FP-550 Opacity Pigment™ is both FDA and JHOSPA ([B]NJ-36699) approved for use in food contact applications for plastics.

FDA Compliance Doc
EU Compliance Doc

Why not make an FP-550 Masterbatch?

Why not make an FP Masterbatch? Making a 60% masterbatch from FP-550 Opacity Pigment™ provides greater cost flexibility for your customers whilst allowing you a faster processing speed and imporved selling margin.

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