Significant Raw Material Cost Savings

FP Opacity Pigments are highly efficient white pigments for the plastics industry suitable for use in PVC and Polyolefin masterbatches. Their unique engineered structure improves the efficiency of titanium dioxide pigments and enhances their performance allowing the formulator to optimize their product performance and reduce raw material costs.

FP Opacity Pigments offer:

  • Excellent hiding power and colour performance

  • Excellent weatherability performance

  • Formulation cost optimization by partial TiO₂ replacement (up to 25 %)




FP-510 Opacity Pigment has been developed for use in both rigid and flexible PVC and can easily be incorporated using standard compounding operations. FP-510 Opacity Pigment can be used in a wide range of applications, including pipe and profile extrusion as well as film calandering.  


FP-550 Opacity Pigment can be used in polyolefins as a partial replacement for TiO₂. FP-550 Opacity Pigment are easily incorporated in polyolefin masterbatches using standard compounding operations and let down in end use processing equipment. FP-550 Opacity Pigment finds its usage in a range of end use applications, including extrusion, extrusion blow molding, blown film and injection molding.



FP opacity pigments are widely used in various applications


for PVC applications


for general purpose masterbatches


for specialty masterbatches

Technical Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheet available upon contact registration