We offer superior cost efficiency and performance benefits.
We are growth-oriented and have tripled our production capacity since 2009.
FP-Pigments has an unwavering commitment to sustaining and preserving the environment.
Our world class laboratories and state-of-the-art production plants serve customers worldwide.
FP-Pigments has received many official awards and customer acknowledgements for its operations.
Our highly skilled and internationally experienced personnel are at our customers’ disposal for any support needed.


Unique and diversified product offering meets customer needs with value added solutions.

FP-Pigments unique opacity pigments are being used in several different applications around the world. The uniqueness of our products and technology is protected by patents granted worldwide.  


We work closely with our customers to deliver unique products and new innovations to the benefit of our customers. With the new innovations we strengthen our presence in current applications and expand to totally new application areas. The company possesses several patents and patent applications both on the products and production methods.

Joint owner base links us with our co-operation companies.
We work together and share R&D facilities with


Specialty chemicals
Industrial services



Waterborne binders
and additives


State-of-the-art biomass