1. Data controller

FP-Pigments Oy
Ahventie 4 A 21-22

02170 Espoo


Business ID: 1094135-7

2. Contact person

Roope Maijala

Tel. +358 40 513 4784

3. Name of the data processing register

Customer and Marketing Register

4. Purpose of the register; processing of personal data

Personal data is collected in order to meet contractual obligations and facilitate communication with the registered party (“data subject”) concerning the products and services offered by FP-Pigments Oy.

Personal data is collected from online forms submitted via our website, from emails and phone calls, through social interactions and from the customer relationship itself. FP-Pigments collects data provided by the data subjects themselves; all contact information is assumed to be business related.

Personal data is used to meet customer needs or fulfil contractual requirements and to advertise FP-Pigments’ products and services.

5. Content of the register

The following types of data may be stored in the register: name, company/organisation, job title, postal address, email address, telephone number, contracts and offers, information about products/services ordered by the customers, customer feedback related to the delivered product and any other data collected with the consent of the data subject.

6. Sources of personal data

The information stored in the register is obtained from the data subjects themselves or, with regard to products/services that have been ordered in the past, from other systems managed by the data controller.

7. Regular disclosure of the register

Information is not regularly disclosed to third parties.

8. Protection of data stored in the register

Specifically designated persons who require information from the register for the purpose of carrying out their duties are authorised to access the register. The information is stored in electronic form only, and a personal user ID and password are required to access the information.

9. Rights related to processing and erasingpersonal data

Everyone has the right to access the personal data concerning them in the Customer and Marketing Register. A written request to access the information must be submitted to the data controller.

Recipients of marketing communications can unsubscribe from the marketing list at any time as instructed at the end of each marketing message.

The data controller will store personal data in the register for as long as is required to realise the purposes described in this privacy policy, or for any other valid reason.

10. Cookie policy

FP-Pigments Oy uses cookies to analyse web traffic and gather any other information required for the purposes of legitimate interests, such as identifying companies that have visited FP-Pigments’ website.