Innovative TiO2 Optimisation

Watch our video about Opacity PigmentTM Technology.


The Carbon Footprint for material produced by our German facility was assessed according to LCA ISO 14060/44, showing a reduction in CO2 of up to 73% compared to TiO2.

Cost efficiency

FP-Opacity Pigments™ provide cost-saving opportunities across all TiO2 market conditions, thereby providing users with cost advantages regardless of TiO2 market pricing levels.

Quality, EHS and R&D

FP-Pigments is committed to assure the high quality of our innovative pigment products and all of our operations, complying with various internationally recognised standards.

How to use/test FP-Opacity Pigments™

The amount of TiO2 you can replace depends on the formulation. Our simple ‘ladder’ approach testing around our suggested replacement ratio, will always deliver the best results in the shortest time.

Products for Paper and Board

FP-Pigments technology enables both cationic and anionic surface charges to be applied to the dry powder. In addition, FP-Pigments also produce high solids anionic slurries. Products without TiO2 are also now available for paper and board applications. FP-Pigments produce cationic porous crystals for improved inkjet and flexographic printing

FP-Pigments the Company

FP-Pigments, Oy (est. 1996) is a global manufacturer of Opacity Pigments™. Our unique and patented process allows us to develop and produce world leading products that provide our customers with greater cost flexibility in their formulations. We work in co-operation with our sister companies, CH-Polymers, Chemec and CH-Bioforce, to further enhance customer solutions.