FP-440 Opacity Pigment™

As the competitiveness of the market increases, the PVC levels typically rise and the TiO2 content falls in economic coatings.  FP-Pigments has developed a new product, FP-440 Opacity Pigment™, which has been specifically designed for use across the whole range of low TiO2 content, economic coatings. As the PVC rises and the TiO2 level falls, potentially higher TiO2 replacement ratios can be achieved. Hence, in the more price sensitive formulations, even more significant cost saving opportunities exist.

FP-440 Opacity Pigment™ has been specifically designed for use in high PVC economical paints, primers, undercoats and distemper where TiO2 levels are below 5%. The improved particle composition, balancing TiO2 content with air, enables a significant TiO2 reduction in these coatings, with replacement levels between 25% and 100% being achieved (depending on formulation). In addition to maintaining the dry opacity properties, the use of FP-440 Opacity Pigment™ has also been shown to provide a noticeable improvement in film brightness.

FP-440 Opacity Pigment™ utilises new technology from FP-Pigments which minimises the TiO2 employed whilst maximising its efficiency. FP-440 Opacity Pigment™ is therefore lower priced and more immune to TiO2 market price fluctuations that any of the previous FP-Opacity Pigment™ products.

FP-440 is focussed on the High PVC Low TiO2 water based architectural paints.

FP-440 is almost immune to the pricing fluctuations in TiO2. It hence provides significant costs savings across the TiOmarket cycle.

Low TiO2 High Performance Economical Paints

FP-Pigments define Economic paints as follows…

  • A high PVC – typically between 80% and 95%.
  • A TiO2 content by weight of below 3% and ideally between 0.5 and 2%.
  • Class 3, 4 or 5 Scrub Resistance.
  • Typical Extenders include Dolomite, Calcium Carbonate, Kaolin and Talc usually in the 1 to 15μm D[50] size.

FP-440 Opacity Pigment™ can be used to replace some or sometimes all of the TiO2 in these types of pain depending upon the PVC and TiO2 content.


Distemper paints, typical of the Asian and specifically Indian markets are often very high PVC with very little TiO2. As a result, replacement ratios with FP-440 Opacity Pigments™ can be significant. Depending on the wet hide requirements replacements of up to 100% can be achieved as evidenced in our article published in the PAINTINDIA Journal Spetember 2019 issue.

Primers and Undercoats

Primers and undercoats are more often than not very high PVC and contain minimal amounts of TiO2. The TiO2 is present only to give a small amount of opacity during application. FP-440 Opacity Pigment™ can be used in primers and undercoats which contain less than 1% TiO2 to replace all of the TiO2 used, these saving money and making to formulation more immune to TiO2 market price fluctuations.

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