As the competitiveness of the market increases, the pvc levels rise and the TiO2 content falls in this class of coating. FP-Opacity Pigments™ can be used across the whole range of these coatings. However, as the PVC rises and the TiO2 level falls, potentially higher replacement ratios are typical. Hence, in the more price sensitive formulations, sigificant cost saving opportunities exist.

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How FP Works
How to Use FP

83% PVC 3% TiO2 High Performance Economical Paint

As with the good quality high PVC Matt Paints, FP-Opacity Pigments™ can provide ~15% replacement of TiO2 whist maintaining wet and dry opacity.

87% PVC 2% TiO2 Mid Quality Low TiO2 Paint

As the TiO2 level is reduced the replacement ratio for FP-Opacity Pigments™ increases, with ~30% Replacement being possible in this system with both wet and dry opacity being maintained.

93% PVC <1% TiO2 Indian Distemper

In paints with very little TiO2, replacement ratios with FP-Opacity Pigments™ can be signifcant. Depending on the wet hide requirements 25-50% or higher can be achieved.

Products for Low TiO2 Paints: FP-460

Download FP-460 TDS (.pdf)
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